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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A word to the wise

I've seen and heard a lot of reaction to the Millegeville, Ga., prosecutor's choice of words when describing the events surrounding what happened with Ben Roethlisberger in that town last month.

Much of it has been negative, which is pretty much what I believe the DA was going for when he described what he had on the case.

As some have pointed out, they've seen people convicted of crimes on far less evidence than what District Attorney Fred Bright presented on Monday when he announced he would not press charges against Roethlisberger.

What people have to remember is that prosecutors get paid to make the accused sound guilty. It's part of their job to sell a jury on it even if they don't have solid evidence.

By the same token, defense attorneys are paid to make their clients look as innocent as possible and poke holes in the DA's case.

In this case, I think Bright fully intended to paint Ben in a bad light, even though he didn't have enough evidence to convict.

I believe there's a lot more to this story than Bright is letting on. In fact, I've heard that the alleged victim gave inconsistent statements as to what actually happened in the restroom, which in itself would likely be a dealbreaker for Bright.

As for the people who say that Roethlisberger paid the young lady off and that's why Bright didn't push forward, I'm not buying that. Bright could have gone forward with charges even without the young lady's desire to do so. He just needed a strong case. And he apparently didn't have one.


other_patrick said...

Also if BB does intend to pay her off he can't do that during a criminal trial without tampering. If they have some deal, the trial would get in the way.

Michael said...

Reports were that her BAC was WELL above the legal limit... and since she was 20... way way way above her limit

To me, it looked like Bright was just trying to save face on behalf of himself and Millegeville.

Anonymous said...

Dale he told what her statements were. He didn't hide that.He also told what Ben's statement was. He released the letter.

I think he painted him in a bad light because he knew it would be very hard to convict without cooperation from the victim.

I don't think Ben paid the girl off either. I think her family didn't want her life and education basically ruined for awhile on the chance he might get punished. I think they weighed compared to what possible justice was worth what she was going to go through for the next 2 years.

Adam said...

You are consistently the most insightful and intelligent sports reporter I read. A bit off topic to this thread, but just passing on a thank you.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point Dale! I really agree with your perspective. The DA made it a point to paint a negative picture of Ben. How come he didn't indicate her alchohol level, her fake id, etc. I think he should have just we do not have enough information to prosecute because what he did say was one-sided.

Who is he to say "we don't prosecute" morals and when did he become the moral police.

Too many people are passing judgement on Ben for being the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm a middle aged male, I've been to college bars, I've done shots with young ladies, etc. What he did has nothing to do with being an NFL QB. I can only fault him for going into the bathroom with her....but we still don't know what happened in there so we can't pass judgement. If she was so intoxicated, and it sounds like she is flirty in nature, who's to say she wasn't with a male in one of her earlier stops - its college life and it happens.

Too many haters out there. Rumors of trading Ben are ridiculous!!

Was there ever any traction to Leon Washington coming over for Santokio?

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments Dale. I think Ben and the girl are the only two that know what actually really happened that nite. Was it wrong what Ben did? No, as a 28 or 29 year old, Id ont think so! As the franchise face of the Steelers, most definitely. I think this is his wake up call for immaturity!! Is it worth trading him over, hell no!! If something else happens within the next 2 years, I think the Rooneys will have to get in line to kick Ben out of town!!

Holmes is a different story, he loves his pot, been busted many times on it, and has been known to knock up and knock around women. I dont agree with only getting a 5th rounder for him though, that my friends is not good decision making by the Steelers, IMO. I really do hope we get Washington or something in that deal, but I'm not holding my breath.

Now, my question to you all is this, out of the 11 picks we have, how many picks do you think the Steelers will actually have left to use???

I hope somehow the Steelers can obtain at least another #1 &/or #2s, and get a highly ranked OL, the 2nd/3rd best CB/S, a WR playmaker like maybe Tate, and a good DT/NT. A quality RB may have to factor in somewhere if we dont get Washington. That would be a Xmas coming in April I'm thinking.

One last thing, is Tony Hill still hanging in there, or could he be on his way out??

Anonymous said...

You're right, all Ben did was what any other guy would do. He's obviously the victim in all this.

Dale Lolley said...

I'm not saying Ben was a victim. I'm just saying it's the DA's job to make people he sees as perps look bad. He did that.
What we didn't get to see was the defense - which is what we would have gotten in a trial - blow holes (no pun intended) in the alleged victim's story.
And I have heard people condeming Roethlisberger for serving alcohol to an underage woman.
Bottom line is that it's not his job to card her. Bright admitted that the woman and her sorority sisters had run into Ben and his people at other bars - where she was also apparently served. You don't, after all, blow a .27 without doing quite a bit of drinking.
That tells me she had a fake ID.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Jackie said...

Ben and/or his attorney are more than entitled to have their own press conference to tell their version of events and take questions if they think the Georgia DA's press conference was too one-sided. Something tells me that is never going to happen, and you all know why.

Anonymous said...

... and you all know why.

Because there is absolutely no up-side? Charges were dismissed. Any attempts by Ben to clear up *some* of the details will be misconstrued as him attempting to defend *all* of his actions that night.

Dale Lolley said...

Let's not use words not fit for print, even with one of the letters missing. This is, after all, still a family newspaper site, not some random message board.

Dale Lolley said...

I do like posters who question my manhood who themselves aren't man enough to sign in under anything but anonymous.

wendell said...

With the release of the police documents it's kind of hard to defend Ben now. It's been documented he approached the 20 year old woman with his penis out his pants. Ben tells one person she fell down in the restroom, yet she had bruises and bleeding.
Male DNA was found.

wendell said...

One of the witnesses said Ben asked "How old are you? Her reply she was 19 and the woman who accused Ben of sexual assault was 20. So Ben knew they were under age and in the police documents it was written Ben had shots lined up for the women on the bar they were drinking his shots and drinking the shots they paid for.

Then you have this bit of info now that want available:

Ben's bodyguards would let the woman's friends go check up on her, one woman went to the manager/owner and he told her she was alright, he said Ben wouldn't do anything to ruin his reputation. How wrong was he?

I know if this happened to one of my daughters, nieces I be fighting.
No one should tajke advantage of a woman under any conditions particularly if she is drunk. We are talking about a 20 year old who is a minor and Ben knew she was a minor, he also knew she was drunk.

Another tibbit, the woman said or had DTF on her name tag Which means down to f*ckWhen Ben asked what does DTF mean she said down to f..k Ben said he liked to f girls what he should had done was leave right then and there.
No he follows her to the restroom come on.

Dale Lolley said...

He's guilty of boorish behavior. Nobody knows if he's guilty of rape except him and the woman in question.

As for the age of the women, to me, that's more an indictment of the bar(s) than it is Ben.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read the text messages between Ben and another man?

The man told him that Capital City was a college bar. So Ben had former knowledge of this. Anyone who has ever went to college knows a college bar means underage kids will be there.

Actually go read all the evidence. People criticize this girl for inconsistencies but Ben's witnesses have them as well.
Also one of Ben's witnesses says that Ben told him he was just fooling around and he took that to mean kissing.
Another of his witnesses said they saw the off duty cop take a girl into the back.

People also criticized the girl for not cooperating yet that's covered in there as well. Her lawyer told them that her therapist said it would be too soon to relive it.
Her family was furious with the local police for releasing their phone number that they insisted only the GBI could be there.

The girl has quit school and is still in counseling. This girl could be screwed up for some time or the rest of her life and people are concerned about Ben's reputation or a stupid football game?

wendell said...

yeah I agree Mr.Lolley but Ben knew she was under age was my point. I for one wouldnt put myself in that situation mainly when another woman in Vegas already accussed me of sexual assault.