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Monday, April 05, 2010

First stab at a mock draft

Now that we're in April, my thoughts turn completely to the NFL draft and that means it's time to start mock drafting.

Here's my first stab. It will change as more information pours in and teams continue to jockey around with their rosters - such as the McNabb trade and Bulger release.

But here we go:

1. St. Louis, Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

2. Detroit, Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

3. Tampa Bay, Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

4. Washington, Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State - The McNabb trade assures the top four picks come from the Big 12

5. Kansas City, Brian Baluga, OT, Iowa - Eric Berry is very tempting here, but the Kansas City braintrust comes from New England, where they think safeties and corners can be had in later rounds.

6. Seattle, C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

7. Cleveland, Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

8. Oakland, Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma - The third Sooner to go in the top 10.

9. Buffalo, Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee

10. Jacksonville, Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech - Even though they already signed Aaron Kampman to a big deal, the Jags need to pump up a pass rush that was dead last in 2009.

11. Denver, Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama

12. Miami, Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

13. San Francisco, Joe Haden, CB, Florida

14. Seattle, Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

15. N.Y. Giants, Mike Iupati, G, Idaho

16. Tennessee, Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida

17. San Francisco, Anthony Thomas, OT, Rutgers

18. Pittsburgh, Earl Thomas, S, Texas - The Steelers would probably prefer that Iupati fall to them, but that just hasn’t been the way the draft has worked out for them in recent years.

19. Atlanta, Sean Weatherspoon, LB. Missouri

20. Houston, Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State

21. Cincinnati, Taylor Mays, S, USC

22. New England, Brandon Graham, DE/LB, Michigan

23. Green Bay, Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State

24. Philadelphia, Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

25. Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma - Todd Heap isn’t getting any younger and has always had problems staying healthy.

26. Arizona, Sergio Kindle, DE/LB, Texas

27. Dallas, Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

28. San Diego, Terrance Cody, DT, Alabama - It’s too early for the Chargers to take an every-down running back and they need help at NT.

29. N.Y. Jets, Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech

30. Minnesota, Jahvid Best, RB, California

31. Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida - Jeff Saturday will be 35 in a couple of months.

32. New Orleans, Everson Griffen, DE, USC


Anonymous said...

I'm a cowboys fan

Anonymous said...

Correction: Mike Iupati is from Idaho, not Boise State...and I also would like to see him stay with the black and gold :)

-Idaho Vandal and Steeler fan

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dale that of all of the prospects we have a shot at, Earl Thomas is the best. Speed, hands, dynamic hitter, tackles low, and gets his man. Even if he doesn't translate to corner, he in combination with Troy is freekin scary. We won't even need corners with the two of them.:) Let Gay and Taylor go and save the salaries

Anonymous said...

I hope that McClain is not available when the Steelers draft because this guy is the most average ILB I have ever seen. He may be touted as the next coming of Mike Singletary, but looking at the tape, there is not even any comparison to Patrick Willis. Maybe the hour of tape available on line doesn't do him justice but he seems like a good linebacker to take in the third round, not in the top 10. I know he does everything adequately but he doesn't shine in any area. I'm sure he will be adequate and will have a long career but I don't ever see him making a pro bowl.

Anonymous said...

Dale I am sure you meant QB for Clausen.

Anonymous said...

Dale, you have Bruce Campbell going to Dallas and Green Bay.

I guess the OT you have going at 17from Rutgers is Anthony Davis, what's your opinion of him? lately some mocks have him selected by the Steelers.

I don't think Iupati goes before Green Bay at 23. (maybe San Francisco at 17) I belive if the Steelers had the choice between Earl Thomas and Iupati they will go with Earl Thomas. Don't you think it has more value at 18th?

Thanks Dale

Joe said...

Dale, you are thinking that Jared Odrick from PSU will fall out of the first round? If that is true, what do you think about the Steelers trading down to the low to mid 20s for Pouncey, pick up some picks and trade up for Odrick in the early 2nd round. Steelers would then bring in much needed youth on the DL and OL with two very good players. I am not saying Thomas isn't a very good player, I just believe the Steelers have a bigger need on the lines and a healthy Polamalu is the key to a much improved secondary, not a first round draft pick.

Mike said...

I'm surprised that you don't have Jared Odrick going in the 1st round. Was it an inadvertent omission, or do you believe he is going to drop?

other_patrick said...

One of the few mocks I've seen where the Giants don't take spoon or McClain.

Nice to see a little different take on the top 10 though.

Dale Lolley said...

I was hurrying to do this today and didn't proof it. Sorry guys.
Of course Iupati is Idaho.
And I had Odrick going to Green Bay and changed it for some reason I can't remember. He'd fit as an end in GB.

Anonymous said...

Odrick is a perfect fit for the Steelers and LeBeau's defense. If he is there, they should take him. The DL needs an infusion of youth more than the team needs a DB.

Jaz said...

I think Thomas is overrated. He isn't a strong tacker and he struggles in space and isn't physical inside the box Not a three down player and not someone worth taking with the 18th overall pick. As for Iupati, he scored a moronic 10 on the Wonderlic. We have enough dumb linemen. Give me Pouncey.. strong, versatile and smart.

Anonymous said...

Odrick would be a great fit. But considering they got a DE in the 1st last year I really doubt it.

They always go BPA so it is possible. But I have my doubts that even then they would draft the same position in the 1st round two years apart. Even if it is one of the oldest positions on the team

Anonymous said...

Pouncey isn't that smart. He didn't make the line calls at Florida.

Jaz said...

Not what I heard on Pouncey. Quote from one scouting site says he "....has exceptional on-field intelligence and the ability to make line calls even while working out of the shotgun." Other reports also tout how strong and athletic he is and can handle nose tackles. That's the kind of player this line needs.

Dale Lolley said...

Who was the last center taken at 18 or higher? He'd better be the next Dermontti Dawson to take that high and Pouncey is not that.
As for Thomas in the box, he's the free safety. Doesn't spend as much time in the box.

Jaz said...

I was thinking of Thomas as more of CB for the Steelers as that is more of a need. Most reports I've read say he can play both. I just think there is more value for CBs after the first round. The only teams to not draft an O lineman in the first or second round since 2003 are the Steelers and Redskins. We can't continue to ignore this position(s). If not Pouncey, then what O lineman might be there that is better.. Campbell?

Patrick said...

I actually hope the McNabb trade causes Clausen to take a Brady Quinn/Rodgers type slide. At 18, the Steelers would be in a perfect position to trade down and get some nice picks. I'd have to look at the draft order, but someone with a few 2nd or 3rd rounders would be nice.

marc said...

i don't know what you guys are looking at. dale has odrick going to green bay at 23.

i expect the steelers to make some moves on draft day with the extra picks they have available. whether that is up or down in the first or second rounds, who knows how that will shake out.

their first 2 picks better be a combination of OL, DL, or CB. there are high quality players there to be had and if they pass up OL again this year I'll pull my freakin' hair out.

Jaz said...

Marc echoes my sentiments exactly!

Dale Lolley said...

I think in an ideal situation, they take an offensive lineman. But they're not going to reach and take a guy at 18 who deserves to go at 30.
Every draft has its tiers. The upper echelon of 10 to 15 - or more - players who are flat-out studs.
Then come the next 30 to 40 who are solid but interchangeable based on need.

I see Pouncey, Campbell and guys like that as the second tier. If a guy falls out of that first tier because another team drafts for need rather than talent, do you let the top-flight talent fall and draft a guy 10 to 15 spots too early?

Patrick said...

wouldn't mind a CB pick (or a trade down and grab a CB) and a trade up for Pouncey.

Also think we'll see a RB by the end of Rd 3.

marc said...

i understand there is a value system and they don't want to over reach at particular spots in the draft. however, i don't see how it is possible they finish the second round without drafting an OL.

Dale Lolley said...

I see them taking an o-lineman early as well. But it could be a situation such as last year all over again. The top five or so linemen go before their pick and they're left with the second tier guys. They're not going to reach for one at 18.
So they take another player in the first and try to trade up into the early second like they did last year to get a second-tier guy.

Tim said...

Do you think Pouncey is worth trading into the late first? A top DB (Kyle Wilson, Earl Thomas) plus Pouncey would be enough of a draft for me even if we stopped right there.

other_patrick said...

Tim said...
Do you think Pouncey is worth trading into the late first? A top DB (Kyle Wilson, Earl Thomas) plus Pouncey would be enough of a draft for me even if we stopped right there.

The way to do that would be I think to trade back about 7-10 spots, get a first and a second and then package the seconds to move back to the end of the 1st.

Personally, I'd much rather have 1.26, 2.20 and 2.26 than 1.26 and 1.30.

datruth4life said...


What do you think of this mock draft for the Steelers this year?

1) CB/S Earl Thomas, UT
2) Eric Norwood, OLB
3) NT Torell Troupe, UCF
4) G/C John Asamoah, Illinois
5) CB A.J. Jefferson, Fresno State
5) RB Legarrette Blount, Oregon
5) LT/RT Ed Wang, Virginia Tech
6) DE Corey Peters, Kentucky
7) QB Tyler Sheehan, Bowling Green
7) DE/LB Adrian Tracey, William & Mary

I think this could meet a lot of the Steelers needs. There were no inside LBs drafted because of the 4 we have on the roster on the two CFL guys we signed for special teams. Thoughts?

Patrick said...

There will be a trade in there somewhere - I don't think they'll draft that many guys. I also don't think Blount will last to the 5th or Asamoah lasting to the 4th.

I also think a G or C needs to be taken in the first 2 rds. But I do like Earl Thomas in the first

marc said...

there is now way we draft blount even if he is there in the 5th round. let's see, roethlisberger's issues, holmes may or may not be throwing glasses at women, and then we draft blount who cold cocked a guy after the game. no way.

also, no way we draft all those players. we definitely will be trading picks away even if that means to pick up additional picks next year.

also, i have a gut feeling the steelers trade up in the first round to get someone they really like. a first year impact player on a playoff team can go a long way. just my opinion.

Patrick said...

consider me a Blount fan. That guy looked like an asshole who had a lot of crap to say. Should he have drilled him? Probably not, but I like the attitude.

You are right though, considering the team's problems, Blount is probably not the best idea. But if they truely beleive it was a mistake he learned from and can keep it together off the field, I'm all for it.

I actually think RB is a big need for this team. If Mendenhall goes down, they have nobody. And sure you can say they don't run the ball anyway, but we all know they need a steady back up to Mendenhall.

Anonymous said...

Blount wouldn't fit in with the Steelers because it was a man he committed violence against.

Dale Lolley said...

I don't see Blount offering anything Frank Summers can't do. And without the baggage.

As for your late round guys, DaTruth, I'd be lying if I said I'd seen any of them play.

Jaz said...

My guess is, if the Steelers grab a CB/S in round 1 it'll be Kyle Wilson and not Earl Thomas.