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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Adams returns to practice

The Steelers got some good news Thursday when right tackle Flozell Adams returned to practice. It appears that Adams will not miss any time with the high ankle sprain he suffered Sunday night in Baltimore.

That's great news for a team that was looking at the prospect of starting its sixth different offensive line.

That won't be the case now as Adams is likely headed to his 13th start for the Steelers. He and Maurkice Pouncey are the only linemen to start every game this season.

© On another note, I'm sitting down to watch the Titans play the Colts and this thought came to me: Am I the only one creeped out by the Ray Lewis Old Spice commercial where he tears his own heart out, eats it and gets the little mini-Rays on his shoulder.

What ad agency thought that was a good idea?


Anonymous said...

"He and Maurkice Pouncey are the only linemen to start every game this season."

Coincidence that they are the only ones to be having great seasons?

well, starks wasn't doing too bad, and I do miss him compared to JScott

Anonymous said...

I think that commercial's pretty darn funny.

Greg Mercer said...

now that Ray Ray is getting fatter, his legs look disproportionately small. in that one Old Spice commercial where he's running down the field, he looks like those old clips of Babe Ruth rounding the bases.

Anonymous said...

I find all of those old spice commercials a little weird.

As to Adams and Pouncey the only lineman to start every game this season.
I don't think the OL coach, Tomlin and all the coaches get enough credit this year.
How many teams could be sitting at the top of their division with a OL duct taped together every week, lose their QB four weeks and lose their best D lineman? Not to mention all the distraction with fines and rules changing in the middle of the season? IMO Tomlin deserves COY.

Anonymous said...

I think Lebeau deserves most of the credit. People forget how much the defense carried this team during those first 4 games. We had what, 6 turnovers in the Titans game and made the Falcons look like a JC offense.

Our offense has been bad all season, we should have done more to build up the oline this offseason.

Anonymous said...

Correction, I shouldn't say the who oline has been bad. With Starks healthy we were playing good at both tackle spots. Its really at guard that this oline needs serious help.

Anonymous said...

Kemoeatu sucks fyi

weakest link of all the starters

Anonymous said...

"What ad agency thought that was a good idea?"

You talking about the ad proves that it WAS a good idea. That's the point of ads

Dale Lolley said...

Doesn't make me want to run out and buy the product.

nfl football pick said...

That is really a very good news. All the best.