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Monday, December 06, 2010


Maybe now Rex Ryan will keep his mouth shut for a while.

As I sit here, the Patriots just went ahead of the Jets, 45-3, in what was supposed to be the "Game of the Year," a term that seems to get thrown around every two weeks or so.

Ryan spent all of the offseason tweaking Patriots every chance he got. He was emboldened when the Jets beat the Pats, 28-14, early in the season.

But the Patriots are $&@$stomping the Jets tonight.

The fact is this, the Jets are a fraud. Mark Sanchez might be the most overrated quarterback in the NFL. He still doesn't read defenses well and constantly forces passes into places they should not go.

If you get ahead of New York and take the Jets running game out of the equation, they're in trouble.

And as we saw in this game, the defense is a bit overrated as well.

Realistically, the Patriots are the top team in the league right now with the Steelers and Ravens right behind them.

And even those three teams have flaws that could be fatal in the postseason.

But when your flaw is your quarterback, that's a pretty big one to overcome.


Anonymous said...

All of the self-loathing Steelers fans with Jets-envy are really quiet tonight.

Anonymous said...

there are steelers fans than envy the jets??

that's sad. I'd understand fans of other teams, but come on

excellent analysis dale. I think the jets have great talent everywhere, but sanchez, while much improved, just isn't good enough

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, they might not post here, but go to any Steelers message board and you'll see them.

They envy the Jets because they sign or trade for every big-name player out there, just like they wish the Steelers would do. They love Rex Ryan because he talks a ton of trash and isn't "Coach Cliche" like Tomlin. They're particularly jealous that the Jets have Santonio and we don't.

They'll be out in full force two weeks from now. If the Jets beat the Steelers, God forbid, they'll never shut up.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the whipped Jets fans with Steelers-envy are out in full force tonight. I guess you need to take out that frustration somewhere, huh?

Anonymous said...

Holy cow. Brady killed them worse than he killed us. If Brady plays like that -- and teams don't get pressure on him -- er, that's scary.

I'd agree Steelers and Ravens are #2 & #3 in the AFC, Dale. Ben at least gives us a shot if we play them again. The Max Starks injury is going to keep biting us though.

In the NFC, I think the Falcons are a little overrated. They're good but it wouldn't surprise me if the Eagles or Giants (provided they don't turn the ball over 11 times) stomped them in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Any quarterback will look inferior playing against the game Brady had Monday night. The percentages are good on the short pass game, the Pats coaches know it and Brady is super accurate doing it. How do you stop that? How can the Pats defense be ranked so low and the Jets and the Steelers can not score on it? Rothlesbergers winning pass to Redman was Bradylike, he and Arians need to learn from that.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I look at the Jets defensse all I can ask myself is: who is going to rush the passer? They don't have the OLB to run a really good 34 scheme.

Mark Sanchez got alot of credit for all those last minute come from behind wins but maybe the question people should have been asking is: Why the Jets were behind so often in the first place?
The answer is that there offense just isn't that great.

Patrick said...

still think the Pats are going to miss Moss, Dale?

Vaflyer said...

The Pats success right now is predicated on the short pass. Most defenses are predicated on eliminating the long pass...keep everything in front of you, bend but don't break, D coordinators need to rethink the entire game in order to defense them. Even the announcers last night were remarking, they can't throw the ball down the field.

Some team Coordinator, hopefully before the end of the year, and hopefully playing a 3/4 figures out how to contain the offense. Once the formula is generated to "beat" them, it will be copied until success is reached. The Pats only run enough to keep teams honest.

marc said...

i was very happy to see the steelers play tighter coverage at the line of scrimmage against the ravens. it may result in more pass interference penalties and they may get beat deep every once in a while, but it's also the reason boldin was not open on the last play of the game.

if they come out with that type of coverager against the pats, i think the steeler's defense will be much more successful next time around.

Anonymous said...

"Whenever I look at the Jets defensse all I can ask myself is: who is going to rush the passer? They don't have the OLB to run a really good 34 scheme. "

Me too. They rely on WAY too much blitzes. Ryan is good at them, but you can't win like that unless you play young qbs every sunday

I think the browns showed how to beat the patriots