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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who I like, Carolina version

The Steelers should get an early Christmas present in the form of the Carolina Panthers.

Everything about this game looks like a rout.

Carolina's pass offense is non-existent. The Panthers have just eight touchdown passes this season to go with 19 interceptions.

It gets even worse when you look at Jimmy Clausen's stats. In eight starts, Clausen has two TD passes and seven interceptions with eight fumbles. He's been sacked 26 times.

Pittsburgh's defense will control Carolina's rushing attack and force Clausen to throw, something that will lead to bad things, even without Troy Polamalu in the lineup.

Rashard Mendenhall should find some running lanes and the Steelers could spread the Panthers out early in an attempt to build a lead.

Take the Steelers, 24-6


Patrick said...

wait a sec, everyone was worried about this game but no one comments here?

This game should be over before it starts. I'll take the Steelers 30-13, with 7 of that 13 coming late.

Also, I got some great pics from the Jets game, standing in the GA section of the open end zone. I'm being lazy but will upload them to photobucket or something soon.

Heinz field is amazing and the crowd is great (I'm from Philly and the crowds there are not "great"). Maybe this has to do with the open end zone, the snow and the 20 degree weather, but did it seem a little quiet at the stadium on Sunday to anybody else? I was expecting the place to be a little more rocking, but like I said an amazing experience, stadium and fans all around.

My voice is still gone.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned that this could be the great Hines Ward's final regular season home game! Without question one of the all time greats and will be in Canton.

It will all depend on how badly Hines wants to get 1000 career catches.

Anonymous said...

I don't even think this will be a case of everyone thinking the Steelers will win so it will be a trap game thing. I think the Panthers probably aren't even looking to play spoilers... short week for them, Christmas in two days. I think they will just want to get it over with.

marc said...

not much else to say. if the steelers come to play, it should be a blowout. if they don't and the panthers get a few breaks they might win.

one thing i find interesting is how people have posted how the steeler's offense looked its best all year against the jets, yet only scored 17 points.

Anonymous said...

They looked very good in the second quarter and the first drive of the third quarter. As usual, they took off the first quarter. Then, after Mendenhall's TD, they went:

1 first down, including 15-yard penalty, punt

3-and-out, including 11-yard sack, punt


Ben's almost comeback drive with the rookie receivers.

So, yup, their best performace of the year.

I hope we come out and SCORE early tonight, get a lead on the 2-12 bunch, and get any weird ideas out of their heads. Sounds cocky but a loss here is inexcusable.

Steve-O said...

Pretty darn close Dale, well done.