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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Roethlisberger, McFadden practice

Both Ben Roethlisberger and cornerback Bryant McFadden practiced on a limited basis Wednesday as the Steelers began preparations for Sunday night's game in Baltimore.

That's good news for the Steelers.

Roethlisberger was still in a walking boot Wednesday morning to stabilize his sprained right foot. But trainer John Norwig came up with a shoe that held the foot in place and allowed Roethlisberger to go through team drills.

McFadden made it through practice with no apparent problems with his injured hamstring. How well the hamstring responds Thursday will be a be test for McFadden.

© A number of Steelers players expressed disgust with the league in regard to its fines of James Harrison.

But so did Baltimore linebacker Terrell Suggs in a conference call with Pittsburgh reporters.

Apparently, the league has done what nobody else has been able to – get the Ravens and Steelers to agree on something.


Just a Skinley said... you think McFadden gives it a go on Sunday? Isn't it rare a guy bounced back from a hammy like that?

marc said...

ward hit the nail on the head and i said it right when the league started this farce with the illegal hits and's all about the 18 game schedule. the nfl has to show it's doing everything possible to protect the players to have any chance of getting 2 more games.

however, the nfl's miscalculation and transparent intention has only alienated players from the league even more so.

i was reading somewhere how the vast majority of players are against the 18 game schedule, but somehow the NFLPA is considering it in the new CBA negotiations and that has the players ticked off. you hear anything like that dale?

Dale Lolley said...

It depends on whether it was a hamstring pull or a a mild strain. He didn't do a lot Wednesday, but the fact he's doing anything is promising.

I don't see many players in favor of the 18-game schedule. But it's a bargaining tool. I think the owners threw it out there and will give the players more roster spots - increased roster by another five players - as a concession.
The players will also get more money for playing more games, which would lessen the hit if they lower their percentage of the total take.

adamg said...

Looks like Ray Anderson couldn't help himself and has denied he's targeting Harrison. What is that adage? A stuck pig squeals?

Patrick said...

I'm afraid one day Harrison is going to go all Orlando Brown on an official. Sounds a little nuts, yeh, but on a huge play that could decide a game, I can see him losing his patience with all that is going on.

I don't think he'd ever swing at an official or anything, but any kind of touching would almost garuntee him a suspension.

I'd actually kind of like to see Harrison take his pinky finger and touch a QB after he clearly has thrown the ball (in a blowout or something inconsequential).

Skinley said...

Dale, do you have any updates from Thursdays practice?

marc said...

harrison should carry a yellow rag in his waist band and toss it out after every tackle or hit he makes. i think that would be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

The Steelers and Ravens do agree on something. They hate eachother.

Mrs. Isaac Redman

datruth4life said...


What's the deal with Roethlisberger's foot, is it indeed broken like Ed Bouchette is reporting or is it sprained? Or is this another one of those Ben playing with broken toes drama acts from the Cohwer years.

Steve-O said...

The talking heads say the Steelers have to many holes due to injuries and will fall to the Ravens. I love it because thats usually when they play their best football. Usually they put it on cruise control in the 2nd half while they try to run the clock out, not this time baby it should be a slugfest til the very end. Steelers 17-Ravens 13.