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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tuesday with Tomlin, Miller likely out

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday that tight end Heath Miller is likely out for Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Miller, of course, suffered a concussion against the Ravens.

But, Tomlin said that backup Matt Spaeth, who has missed the past two weeks with a concussion, has been cleared to play.

The Steelers signed punter Jeremy Kapinos to replace Daniel Sepulveda.

Aaron Smith had an MRI Monday and has been cleared to begin lifting weights.

I'm told he's targeting the Carolina or Cleveland games for a return.

Flozell Adams has what Tomlin deemed a "mild" high ankle sprain.

If he cannot play, Trai Essex would start in his place at right tackle.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised about miller. That was a nasty hit. Better for him to be 100% in the long run, and maybe the jets game. At least spaeth has been having a good season and we saw sunday johnson can catch the ball if needed

AWESOME news about smith! My guess is he'll be eased in in those games, maybe just in cleveland, to not be rusty and slow for the playoffs

adamg said...

Glad they went with Kapinos. At least he has recent pro and college experience punting in bad weather.

I'm very surprised about Aaron Smith, but I guess it was a clue that he didn't go on IR. You never want to see injuries, but the good thing is that a lot of young/back up players have gotten many quality snaps and that can only help for any playoff run.

keevin said...

Smith returning for the playoffs would be HUGE

We just gotta hold on to win the division and get a bye week. Getting the bye week is very important as our team is pretty banged up

It all starts on Sunday in a must win game vs the Bengals

Anonymous said...


I am sure you will keep us updated about the presence/absence of fines against Baltimore for the hit on Miller. If the NFL is indeed concerned about "devestating" hits and not just talking about it, they should act here. I have not seen one more devestating. I don't agree that hits of this type should be fined as football is a tough game, but if they are going to fine some, they should fine them all.

Mrs. Isaac Redman

keevin said...

btw, good move signing Kapinos

The Steelers have had a Penn State alum on their roster in all 6 Super Bowl victories!

Anonymous said...

I thought both McClain and Ngata had been fined, McClain's was $40k?

Anonymous said...

Great news the Aarom Smith could be coming back. Can he be effective though? Our defense was dominante when he was healthy.

Perhaps if we see New England again things could be different with Keisel and Aaron Smith in the lineup?

As sad as I am to see Miller hurt the guy really isn't a big part of our offense. I don't know why we paid him so much, Arians barely uses the guy.

marc said...

yes, they were both fined. suggs was not even though he grabbed and held onto the QB's helmet.

i also believe someone mentioned a late hit on #7 one play that was not seen by the refs. will there be a fine for that as well, dale?

there are 2 must win games left, cincy and the browns. that will guarantee the tie breaker against the ravens if the end up with the same record.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to go 3-1. The Chiefs have a pretty good shot to go 11-5, don't know what that tiebreaker would look like.

Skinley said...

Chiefs would win their division at 11-5. I think Oakland and San Diego both have 6 losses already.

Dale Lolley said...

The NFL announced the two big fines. The rest of the announcements will be forthcoming on Friday.

Anonymous said...

You guy's make me laugh. This "we" and "us" stuff is really funny. Do you think you are on the team?
No matter what happens the Steelers wil never be referring ANY of you as "we" and "us".
You must all have some sort of need to 'belong'. Why not try the local dating services if you need some recognition?

Anonymous said...

^ crybaby Gayvens fan up in here LOL

get a life loser!

Vaflyer said...

Interesting thing I just noticed this morning when looking at the standings. Look at the Strength of Schedule for the current playoff teams:

Pitt: .542
Balt: .507
NE: .479
Jets: .458
Jack: .451
KC: .389

I didn't know where to put this, but I thought with our injuries and Ben's suspension to be a current 1st round bye and potential #1 seed should things fall right, that would really say something about where we are as a team.

marc said...

i wouldn't have thought that regarding the schedule. but, that will also change considering 3 of the the last 4 teams the steelers will play.