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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Steelers playoff scenarios


Pittsburgh clinches a playoff spot:

1) PIT win + JAC loss or tie + NE win or tie + MIA loss or tie

2) PIT win + IND loss or tie + NE win or tie + MIA loss or tie

3) PIT win + IND loss or tie + NE win or tie + OAK loss or tie + SD loss or tie

4) PIT win + IND loss or tie + MIA loss or tie + OAK loss or tie

5) PIT tie + MIA loss or tie + OAK loss or tie + SD loss or tie + IND loss

There are other scenarios in which Pittsburgh may clinch a playoff spot if

they clinch the strength of victory tiebreaker over certain teams this weekend.


datruth4life said...

Dale, I'm a feeling a DRAFT in the air, particularly the Steelers 2011draft. Here it is:

1. J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin
2. G/C Maurkice Pouncey, Florida
3. CB Rashard Carmichael, Virginia Tech
4. NT Kenrick Ellis, Hampton
5. WR Terrance Tolliver, LSU
6. FB Owen Marecic, Stanford
7. OT Derek Newton, Arkansas State

Any of the draft picks from the 4th through the 7th round could be swapped out for the highest rated kicker in the draft (Alex Henery, Nebraska), but other than that, this is what I have. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

yea I hope they draft Pouncey's brother. That would be awesome

John Kang said...

Channeling my inner Jim Mora: playoffs!? don't talk about playoffs. you kidding me?

datruth4life said...

All, I meant to list "Mike" Pouncey. We already have the original Canton version.

marc said...

how nice would it be to have a kicker that can actually reach the endzone on a consistent basis.

i mean, really, how effective was it for the ravens with cundiff blasting into the endzone every time.

Greg Mercer said...

Cundiff should've been peeing in a cup after that game. i'd be interested in seeing his career touchback stats compared to this year.

wasn't he out of a job last year?

Anonymous said...

I can't see them using a draft pick on a FB as long as Bruce "There is no fullback in my offense" Arians is in town. I like the picks but unless they're certain Starks can come back fully recovered they may need to start looking at offensive tackle early.

marc said...

you may be on to something regarding cundiff. i got these numbers from regarding cundiff's kickoffs.

from 2002 - 2009 he had 209 kickoffs and 11 touchbacks with an average kickoff of 62.7 yards. that equates to a touchback 5.2% of the time.

in 2010 he has 58 kickoffs and 34 touchbacks with an average kickoff of 72.2 yards. that equates to a touchback 58.6% of the time.

one might say it has to do with the winds in baltimore? well, with baltimore in 2009 he had 38 kickoffs with 1 touchback. so no, it has nothing to do with baltimore.

look it up. the statistical difference between every other year and 2010 is quite shocking.

Vaflyer said...

Dale, just of note, but aren't #3 and #5 the exact same scenario?

Vaflyer said...

Okay, I see it now. I'm an idiot. I guess I never considered the fact that Pitt might actually do something besides win. :)

Vaflyer said...

Do I have it right that basically any 6-6 team which loses coupled with our winning eliminates that team from keeping us out of the playoffs?

Indy @ Tenn
Cheifs @ SD
Oak @ Jaguars
Miami @ Jets

Dave said...

Vaflyer, you're not thinking 4th dimensionally!

Anonymous said...

I just hope we can win a game!

marc said...

"Coach John Harbaugh has defended McClain, saying he did what the league requires, but that Miller’s fall put the tight end’s head in line with the charging McClain. The pass from Ben Roethlisberger was overthrown. On his weekly radio show Tuesday night, Harbaugh said the fine was excessive and that the league was asking McClain to “do something beyond the laws of physics” by avoiding Miller on the play."

i just read that this morning. apparently, harbaugh thinks a deflected pass is overthrown and it is impossible for a player to pull up after the ball has hit the ground.

what a jerk.

Anonymous said...

Drafts don't work like that one at the top of this board, there is no way the Steelers will be able to target that many need positions while at the same time getting high value.

If we get a tackle, NT or a CB with one of our first two picks I will be happy.

Dale Lolley said...

Let's see. J.J. Watt is a 6-6, 290-pound stud of a defensive lineman. Yeah, I can see him falling to the bottom of the first round.
There's no way Watt will be available when the Steelers pick.