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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Watching Sunday's games

The Browns are attempting to do the same thing against the Ravens that they did to New England, drop eight into pass coverage and rush three - two from the extreme outside and one guy up the middle who is more of a spy than anything.

That won't work against Baltimore.

You have to rush Joe Flacco hard. He doesn't feel pressure well and Baltimore's receivers will eventually get open. There's also the Ray Rice factor.

© We're seeing some chinks in the armor with Colt McCoy as well. He's forced a couple of passes deep and paid for it.

McCoy is pretty accurate on the underneath stuff, but his arm strength is lacking on the deep passes.

© I told my wife I wanted to watch the CBS pre-game show to see an indignant Bill Cowher deny that he put out any rumors about what teams he'd like to be coaching next year.

Cowher didn't disappoint.

© That was quite the choke job by the Chargers in Cincinnati Sunday.

That's also two wins in a row for the Bengals, who have suddenly become dangerous without TO and Ochocinco's Show.

Go figure.

Remember, too, that the Bengals have won at least three in a row against Baltimore.


Tim Backes said...

People keep going on and on about the "intangibles" that McCoy has, and those can't be denied. There's a reason the guy won so many games at Texas. But like you said, his arm strength is really limiting and in a league where you've got to be able to hit the deep stuff as well as the short stuff, I have a hard time believing he'll ever be more than average at best.

His size doesn't work in his favor either, he's a bit short for a quarterback AND he doesn't have the arm strength to make up for that.

Patrick said...

kinda laughing about Cowher's rant this morning.

Really want him on a sideline next year....unless its for someone in the AFC North.

Besides the location, I think SF is a great fit for him.

Tim Backes said...

What exactly did Cowher say this morning?

Anonymous said...

COlt is still the best qb the browns have had in a long time

should make thing interesting the next couple of years

Patrick said...

he just said it was an insult to him to imply he is hoping for coaches to be fired. Said he has a lot of respect for the profession and would never wish that.

Not so much what he said, but how he said it in typical Cowher fashion.

Patrick said...

"rant" was a poor choice of a word by me

Dale Lolley said...

No, it was pretty much his indignant rant. Seen it 100 times and predicted that would be his reaction.

adamg said...

Even with the turnovers, the Brownies might have had a shot if not for that terrible offensive PI call on Robiskie.

Patrick said...

assuming the AFC playoff picture remains the way it is right now (which seems likely), I'm guessing the Steelers will play the Chiefs.

I think KC at home will knock off the Jets and the Ravens will beat the Colts at Indy. That would send the Ravens to Pats.

And I'm actually cheering for the Pats if that happens. The Ravens coming to Pittsburgh is clearly the easier route, but I'd much rather see the Steelers win in Foxborough.

They already beat the Ravens once to go to the SB - I like the challenge of upsetting the Pats.

Reno Hightower said...

Due to the physical style of football that both Pittsburgh and Baltimore play, I don't see any team beating both of them in consecutive weeks even if it is at home. New England would much rather see Indy, K.C., or the Jets than having to play Bmore and the Steelers in consecutive games.

Anonymous said...

Why would New England not want to face Baltimore or Pittsburgh? I mean, any given Sunday and all, but the Ravens and Steelers have had almost no success against the Pats the whole time Brady has been there, and the Ravens and Steelers have been just as "physical" that entire time. I doubt the Pats care who they play; I would guess they're more afraid of Peyton than anything.

Anyway, assuming things shake out as they currently are, I think the Colts and Chiefs both win at home in the wild card round. Which would have us playing the Chiefs. Seems like a 20-17 game, hopefully we win.

Anonymous said...

The Colts have beaten the Ravens eight straight times. I think the Ravens are the better team, but history is not on their side.

Manning is to the Ravens what Brady is to us.

keevin said...

best case scenario is for the Ravens and Chiefs to win.

Steelers beat Chiefs easy

Ravens have decent chance to knock off the Pats

We own the ravens